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Our Future Projects
We’re full of hope looking into the future! Scroll down and find out why…

All our projects are:

  • transparent & open
  • directed towards education of our beneficiaries and children 
  • designed for sustainability over a period of time

Your help can make our children’s dreams come true!

Some of the project candidates for your financial and prayer support are: 

Give us our daily bread (the Bread making project)

This project is already partially operational, however, for it to function fully, the Breadmaking project will need some assistance. 

With limited resources we have not yet been able to insure a new building complete with electricity, running water and other equipment needed for bread making. 

To build the new building we will require:

  • project plan & permission from local authorities
  • construction

Estimated expenses in Phase 1 are around 30000 Euro (including electricity, water doors, windows, etc.)

Architecture, Blueprint, Floor Plan-1857175.jpg

our new mikser

Donations from the good people of Croatia bought us a dough mixer that can mix up to 20 kilos of bread dough. This has helped tremendously to start everyday production for our children and workers producing 150 loaves of bread daily. 


Our plans for the future include a bread-making school ensuring jobs and the ‘’daily bread’’ for our children and beneficiaries, estimated at around 40 – 60 per year. Bread production and selling it will help cover our expenses and teach the children about these jobs. There is room for expansion in cake making which we are also looking into. 

Phase 2 will include buying equipment and the estimated costs are around 60-70 thousand Euro. The baking oven is around 40 000 Euro, while mixers, machines, molds, etc. make up for the rest.

Some of our boys have already started their education and while the children are excited, there is still a lot more to do. Luckily the BINA project bought us an oven for the kitchen and enabled us to start production. However, this oven is not a professional one and while it serves the purpose, will have to be replaced.

Mobile Phones Reparation Project

With plans to open a new sector in our TVET center, we have a new project to add value in our electric department – smartphone and cell-phone repair.

Always a sought after skill, this project could potentially give jobs to new instructors while educating ten students in one of two shifts per day. 

Our goal is to educate 120 students per year with short, two-month-long courses. Estimated costs are around 1,5 million Ethiopian Birr, which translates to around 28 000 Euro. The costs will cover the training equipment and space for education. Your help is most welcome.

Beekeeping and Honey production

This project will be located on the agricultural sector inside of Come and See compound with the main purpose of the project being education. During the period of their stay in ‘’Come and See’’ the children will learn about beekeeping, and some will stay engaged in this project. The knowledge and experience will help them build a life while maintaining the ecosystem and teaching them to be sustainable when they go back to their home. 

While we are still in the process of collecting equipment, we will also need a new instructor. We are hopeful that the entire project can be concluded by the end of the year 2022.

Our Major benefactors
BINA School for Craftsmen in Addis Ababa

In Bavaria’s partner country Ethiopia, vocational qualification is being promoted on the basis of the proven Bavarian training system – a cornerstone for the future career of many young people.


BINA is providing


for these sectors


Spanish Cooperation is providing:


for this sector

GSF Global Solidarity fund

GSF is providing:


for these sectors.



Austrian Development agency is providing:

solar skills training helps youth  to learn essential skills to use the energy of the sun for power generation. In addition several activities are carried out such as growing vegetables, keeping the yards clean- all in order to learn about a healthy environment.

Emma’s Children is a reality that forms part of the wonderful Salesian family of Addis Ababa and with great satisfaction and love strives every year to bring more and more help and hope to the less fortunate in the Horn of Africa.

Emma’s Children is an Italian association registered with the national office of non-profit organizations operating abroad. Ten years ago this wonderful adventure began thanks to the friendship born with Fr Angelo Regazzo of Bosco Children. The association contributes annually with a fundraiser for the various activities of the community of the street children of Addis Ababa and dedicates its time by nurturing three projects that are supported with dozens of benefactors who believe in the mission in memory of Emma, the president’s mother, Andrea Gris, to whom the voluntary work is dedicated in memory. In addition to financial support our volunteers travel to Ethiopia three or four times a year to organize the famous SPORT Days and take care of the community basketball team. We support three former children of the center with university scholarships and we help other children with other mini scholarships.


The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS)

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) is the operative platform of the Italian cooperation system, and it is called to perform activities associated with the elaboration, development, financing, management and control of international cooperation initiatives.

Since 1976, The Italian Development Cooperation has a significant presence in Ethiopia, confirming to be one of the priority countries of the Italian Cooperation.

Besides Ethiopia, the Addis Ababa Office of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation is also responsible for initiatives financed in South Sudan and Djbouti.

Some of our most significant charitable foundations are associated with just a single benefactor. These generous individuals focus their help on a specific goal, for example alleviating hunger or improving education.

God loves a cheerful Giver (2 Corinthians 9: 6-7) and He gives back abundantly. Donating money and resources without the expectation of getting something in return …we are all invited to help according to our means.

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