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A place where street children get their opportunity to thrive in a new and better life

Our Center provides three important phases to deepen the child’s formation, help with education and get them ready to reintegrate into society.

  • The most important stage of the Program is Orientation. It includes various kinds of skill training and literacy classes that are provided for the child to complete the phase of orientation. They can then choose between an academic or TVET Program.
  • The Academic Program – gives children the opportunity to attend regular schooling
  • TVET Program – gives children a chance to attend TVET Courses and gain work experience after that by working in a factory. That way they are able to face work expectations and integrate into society with confidence.

A helping hand

In the Center we provide food, shelter, clothes and all the basic life necessities for around a hundred boys every single day.

The Heart of our Center is TVET

Our biggest project is the education of our boys and young people from nearby

Soul of our center - ‘’Come and See’’

The first step for the boys that enter our care program is ‘’Come and See’’. At their most vulnerable stage these boys have a very low level of confidence and are distrusting of other people in this program. At the same time a whole new world opens for them bringing a chance of a new and better life.

‘’Come and See’’
The soul of our Center and the place where new life begins

Don Angelo Regazzo

Every morning Abba Angelo goes to the City of Addis Ababa to look for children who need a helping hand. Knowing that the good shepherd will come and search for them, they are already waiting for him. These meetings often result in them joining the ‘’Come and See’’ community.

The boys in Come and See program are saying:

We learn to read and to write

We learn English and Amharic

We play games

We work

We wash our clothes

We can go visit a doctor

We shower every time  we come here

We have breakfast and lunch

Boys that live here also have a dinner and a warm, clean shelter to sleep

Good behavior brings them to Bosco Children Program

Support for vulnerable youth living in the street of Addis Ababa

The training for Bosco children beneficiaries (street children who live in Addis Ababa City) began in the year 2013. and 2014.

beneficiaries are street children who was live in Addis Ababa city they came from different Ethiopian regional place, destitute family children, Eritrean refugees and Disadvantaged youth living in Addis Ababa benefiting from career guidance, vocational qualification and support in finding employment. 

  • METAL WORK Department


169 trainees received eight months training from the Automotive department from 2013/14. until June 2021.

21 trainees completed the three-month-long training in 2021. 

190 trainees have attended the training so far.


While this department started to provide training only recently in 2020. 57 trainees already completed the full three-month-long training in 2020/21. This versatile trade gives youth a chance to build something meaningful for themselves and a skillset that is always needed.

In association with Austrian development Cooperation we have started Solar Skills and Environmental Education Program: solar skills training helps youth  to learn essential skills to use the energy of the sun for power generation. In addition several activities are carried out such as growing vegetables, keeping the yards clean- all in order to learn about a healthy environment.

We are running also the project “Active Climate Protection at Bosco Children” with JEW and the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative

METAL WORK Department

From 2011. G.C until June 2020. G.C a total of 148 trainees received eight-month-long training for basic metal work.  In year 2021 a total of 22 trainees attended the three-month-long training. So far 170 trainees completed their training in full.


This department started training in  2008/09 G.C. A total of 184 trainees received the eight-month-long training from 2008/2009 G.C until 2021. G.C.  For more productivity the duration of the training was reduced from eight to three months in 2021.  resulting in 21 trainees attending training in the same year.

205 trainees attended leather goods and leather production training so far making it a very successful program.


since 2013/14 year has started give training for Bosco children beneficiaries.

from 2013/14 until June, 2020 this department  has given training for 129 trainees. In 2021, 55 trainees have been completed the three months training. Totally, 184 participants have been benefited in this program until now.


In/since 2011 G.C year started give training for Bosco children beneficiaries. This department from 2011 G.C until June, 2020 G.C has been given eight months training for 148 trainees. In this 2021 year, 22 trainees have attended the three months training. So far, 170 trainees have completed their training.

Institutional Care Program
"Without confidence and love, there can be no true education." (By: Don Bosco)

Our Center has foundations in the Don Bosco’s Preventive system which make a modern care program possible.

Our children receive:

♠ Daily medical care

♥ Psychological support

♦ Daily Social Service Care

Following Don Bosco’s footsteps & building whole and confident youth


Our system is based on Loving-kindness, friendliness, cooperation backed up with being permanently present amongst the children. A system based on a loving presence drastically  reduces mistakes, behavioral issues and helps build whole, confident young personalities


Our nurses are always here to help.

Everyday medical care is provided both for children in our Center and children from the ‘’Come and see’’ program. Treatments mostly include wounds, different diseases, viral and bacterial infections.

The pandemic affected the whole world, but we were able to contribute to fight it. Our Center provides Covid-19 vaccinations for our boys and students.


Help them make better decisions

Our team of Social Workers supervise all of the children that enter into our programs and try to give them options to make better decisions. Our Center also offers internships for young Social workers studying in Addis Ababa. This also gives them a chance to give back to their community, change their surroundings and make a positive impact on youth.

Using reason and loving-kindness while being present among the children helps them grow and trust their relationships with us. They follow rules and our guidance because it makes sense, not because they fear us.


Access to psychological care

The biggest impact from living in the streets is often left on the psyche and emotional health of children who are still in their development stages.. Dangers and rough conditions on the streets of Addis Ababa often leave them with fears and trust issues.

Individual psychological support is extremely important in reintegrating and we try to maximize the opportunities the Center can provide. Each of the boys has two sessions with a Psychologist a month at a minimum, more if needed

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